"We love you Jamie Popwell for all you have done for not only Robbie but all the vets!  You are an amazing gift from God!  God Bless you and your family :)"

-Brittany Gass (wife of Robert Gass IV, U.S. Marine and Purple Heart recipient)

"I am honored and blessed for the flag I received today!!  It takes a great person with a love and passion for God, Country and the men/women hat served the United States military.  What Jamie Popwell and the other gentlemen helping are doing to honor veterans is a amazing thing..."

John Clark (recipient # 201)

"I can't begin to express my feelings and pride of receiving the pole and flag.  Mr. Popwell arrived with everything ready to go.  He ran into a problem with some piping but quickly resolved it and completed the installation.  I now have a beautiful flag an pole that I am extremely proud of.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

-Jimmie Larson

"Beautiful Install.  Mr. Popwell brings everything he needs to do the job.   I was very happy with the way he sets up and has everything he needs to do the installation of the flagpole and the flag.  He is a real professional as well as being a member of our military family.  Job well done Mr. Popwell."

-Bobby Hudson

"Thank you for YOUR service.  What a wonderful way to "pay it forward".  Our flag looks gorgeous standing tall over our home.  Couldn't be more proud and thankful.  Keep it going!

-Kristina Payne

"Great way of saying THANKS for your SERVICE & you'll never be forgotten"

-Kerry Schacht

"These young men are the greatest for doing this for Vets.  My heart just swells when I see this flag blowing in the wind and think of the young lives that fought for our freedom"

-Ethel Stephens

"Thank you so much for coming out today and putting up the beautiful American Flag in honor of Matt Castine!  On behalf of all us veterans, Thank You!"

-Elizabeth Naranjo Hayes

"I can never thank you enough for what you did for 2 Vets who just can't believe that a stranger cared enough for them to be made to feel special. Bless you both and thank you."

- Connie McCollum

"…Every vet deserves so much more. I believe in Jamie and his cause. I worked for him in Iraq and he was awesome then."

-Debbie Partington